Medical Treatment And Choosing Your Doctor

The moments following a workplace injury can be traumatic and confusing. If you suffered a serious injury, you may have been unconscious or in shock and unable to handle your own affairs. In cases where injuries or illnesses develop over time, you may not see the full effects until a doctor brings them to your attention.

We Help You Take Control Over Your Medical Care

At Brandau & Waltz Law Offices, LLP, we believe in protecting the interests of injured workers throughout western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. As with all legal matters, the first step in pursuing justice is understanding what you're up against with help from a lawyer. Below you'll find some general information regarding your options when pursuing compensation.

  • Seek medical attention: Some injuries require immediate medical care and others occur gradually over time. Regardless of your illness or injury, it's important to document your treatment and to consult with a doctor.
  • Find the right doctor for you: When pursuing workers' comp, employers usually send their employees to a "company" doctor. If your employer doesn't approve of the doctor you choose on your own, you may be required to complete an independent medical exam (IME) with another physician.
  • You are in control: If at any point you are uncomfortable with your doctor or the care you are receiving, you have the final say whether or not you see that physician.
  • You are allowed to recover: Although you may want to get back to work, you are allowed to follow your doctor's recommendations without worrying whether your employer will push you to return before you are ready.
  • Hold on to your wallet: Deductibles, mileage and certain other costs are covered or reimbursable.

You Deserve An Ally During Recovery

When you require medical attention for a workplace or work-related injury, contact our La Crosse law office by dialing 608-784-2050 to speak with attorney Peter T. Waltz. You can also reach us by sending an email via our online contact form. By offering free initial consultations for workers' compensation cases, we take the time to listen to your story and offer straightforward advice to help you jump-start the process of moving forward.