Wisconsin And Minnesota Divorce Lawyer

Understanding Your Divorce

At Brandau & Waltz Law Offices, LLP, we represent clients in both Wisconsin and Minnesota in matters of divorce and family law. Whether you have questions regarding divorce laws in either state or require immediate representation, we can provide you with answers and a clear plan for moving forward.

Attorney Ann I. Brandau handles the majority of our firm's divorce cases while providing counsel and guidance in the following matters:

  • Divorce counseling, divorce mediation and litigation
  • Counseling on legal separation, court filings
  • Petitions for modification of court orders
  • Legal remedies for enforcement of court orders
  • Counseling and legal representation for division of marital property and debts
  • Marital property agreements
  • Child custody and support
  • In some cases pet custody and visitation
  • Adoptions

For more information regarding the differences between divorce and other family law matters in Minnesota and Wisconsin, please refer to our page Minnesota Vs. Wisconsin: Understanding The Differences.

We Combine Compassion And Strength When Protecting Your Interests

When a couple discovers that their relationship is ending, divorce or legal separation often follows. Along with emotional difficulty, legal separation and divorce often create numerous and complex legal issues. Division of marital assets, assigning marital debts and determining spousal maintenance must be worked out. Child support, placement and custody also must be addressed. Having helped hundreds of families through divorce, we understand that our clients are going through a challenging time. No matter if your situation calls for collaborative and cooperative representation or more aggressive tactics during litigation, we adapt our methods to the needs of your case.

Keep The Process Moving Smoothly By Working With Our Law Firm

A contentious divorce can quickly get bogged down, and costs can pile up. That is why we strive to keep divorce proceedings on track and moving toward an amicable resolution. With our guidance, you can learn options for resolving the legal matter at hand and start focusing on your future.

To learn more about how we can help you through this difficult experience, contact our La Crosse law office and speak to one of our experienced lawyers by calling 608-784-2050 or send us an email by completing our contact form.