Benefits Of Mediation

Many people automatically assume that a divorce is going to be a messy, drawn-out affair. Although there are plenty of instances where contention slows the process, many couples find that working together cooperatively through mediation allows them to reach an amicable resolution in a timely and efficient manner.

As a trained mediator in Wisconsin, attorney Ann I. Brandau helps clients take advantage of the benefits offered by alternative dispute resolution (ADR). For divorcing couples, ADR provides a more cost-effective method for reaching agreements by settling disputes outside the courtroom.

Saving You And Your Family Time And Money And Mitigating Stress

Mediation or negotiation can provide numerous benefits to families when they find common ground during divorce. Although litigation is often unavoidable, advantages to the mediation process include:

  • Saving time: With flexible scheduling, you and your spouse can move through the divorce process quickly by handling matters on your own time.
  • Cutting costs: Going to court can get expensive, especially if contentious litigation draws out the process. By moving through matters quickly in mediation, you and your spouse can reduce many of the costs.
  • Alleviating stress: For adults as well as children, the emotional hardships of going through litigation can inflict long-lasting emotional scars. During negotiations, cooler temperaments can prevail and allow everyone to walk away feeling satisfied.

Practical Legal Solutions For You And Your Family

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