Family Law

Attorney Ann I. Brandau serves clients throughout Wisconsin. She has over 30 years of legal experience in family law matters. Having helped numerous families and individuals, she understands what it takes to help her clients achieve their goals. Family law encompasses a broad area of law, including divorce, custody, designation of a medical proxy, premarital agreements, postnuptial agreements, power of attorney, adoption, estate planning, wills, living wills and termination of parental rights.

Attorney Brandau is transitioning her work from litigation to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to include offering mediation service to parties representing themselves.

Wisconsin Family Law Practice

Attorney Brandau has a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of family law matters. She is an experienced mediator with a keen understanding of the processes associated withall aspects of divorce, paternity, child custody, support and determination of parental rights..

Attorney Brandau serves clients in Wisconsin in their family law matters, helping them to find workable solutions and with a focus on sustaining and furthering the family relationship.

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